Every customer service call ends with the same question, "Is there anything else I can help you with today?" Ally Bank is usually no different. So we asked ourselves: how would the bank that “does it right” interpret this question? Banksgiving was our answer. During a single day in November, we transformed the Ally call center in Shoreview, Minnesota into an elf-like workshop, with customer care reps granting wishes to show their customers just how much they appreciate them.
When Ally bank was founded, they were determined to be a better bank. That was in 2009. Almost 10 years later, it was time to reintroduce Ally to America. It was time to be bold. It was time to remind them how much their bank sucks and begin persuading them to make a change.
For decades banks have been getting away with it: excess fees, long lines, and interest withholding. Ally is inviting those fed up with these antiquated institutions to move their money to a bank that does it right.
Campaign Live​​​​​​​
Created at Anomaly New York
GCD: Seth Jacobs
Creative Directors: Liz Delp & Vahbiz Engineer
Art Director: Hannah Campbell
Copywriter: Jessica Pester​​​​​​​
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