People are afraid of the challenge of scotch. Johnnie Walker is a 200 year old brand and consumers only think of it as an old man's drink. We decided to change that. We were vibrant, visceral, and unmissable. A new inventive and daring twist to this old drink. Our goal was to disrupt the senses and give Johnnie Walker a new identity. Directed by filmmaker and photographer Matt Lambert from Pretty Bird.
Red Label
Not sure if you’re killing your tastebuds or bringing them back to life. A trip back from hell or a fiery plunge into it. The claw marks after great sex. The VHS tape of your summer set on fire.
Black Label
This is not your silky black sheets, PG-13 kind of smoke. This is embers on your nose and charcoal in your lungs. Not a hint of smoke but smoke that comes with a warning label. Apocalypse replayed. Again, and again, every sip.
The Serves
There's a new generation of Walker in charge. A whole new approach. We designed three different rooms for each of our serves to have a specific personality. Everything we did was designed to awaken the senses and conjure a gut-deep bodily response. We wanted to be unapologetic, graphic, and daring. The old Johnnie is over and a new Johnnie has emerged.
DIA Partnership
We partnered with DIA, a motion graphic studio, who helped us make animations to go with serve and bottle videos for digital OOH.
Miami, FL
Miami, FL
Houston, TX
Houston, TX
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn, NY
New York City
New York City

Oculus, NYC

Created at Anomaly New York
Creative Director: Leanne Amann
Art Director: Hannah Campbell
Designers: Jessica Trombatore, Bari Schechter, Adrian Ortega
Director: Matt Lambert
Production Company: Pretty Bird
Edit House: The Mill
Animation House: DIA
Photographer Bottle Shoot: Scottie Cameron
Photographer Serve Shoot: Polly Brown

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