"The Girl Who Didn’t Want to Move" chronicles a move by a fictional young girl named Iris, her parents and her special friends, Jupitus and Annika. The e-book is based on the TV spot, "The Journey" and tackles what it means to move to a new home, what to expect, and the complicated mix of emotions that comes with moving.  
The e-book includes a discussion guide for parents, with advice from board certified behavioral analyst Reena Patel, who is a a parenting, education and behavior expert.
I worked with the artist Amélie Videlo to make this beautiful book live on social so everyone would be able to have access to it. 
In the end, Iris learns moving doesn’t take away the things you love, it just gives you more.
We sent it to families physically and made it available online using Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, or just download it on the Zillow website.
Created at FIG New York
Creative Directors: Ben Grube & Brian Eden
Art Director: Hannah Campbell
Designer: Samantha Aldeborgh

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